Snoop Dogg Dubs The ‘F- It’ Reporter Charlo ‘Sticky Icky’ Greene


There are few things nearer and dearer to Snoop Dogg’s heart than that Mary Jane. So naturally, when reporter Charlo Green said “Fuck it, I quit” on Alaska’s KTVA in pursuit of marijuana legalization, Tha Doggfather needed a sit-down for his GGN Network.

Dubbing the now ex-reporter Charlo “Stick Icky” Greene, Snoop hosted a video chat with the viral sensation to discuss their shared passion. Asking for her recollection of the infamous walk off set, Snoop likened her impulsive exit to catching “the Holy Ghost.”

“That’s what it was, that’s exactly what it was. The message, at the end of the day, I hope that is heard loud and clear,” Greene said. “Just the ‘fuck it,’ that was me thinking out loud. That was me speaking my truth in that moment: I need to be go and be doing other things. I need to be working for marijuana reform, instead of standing from the sidelines and talking about it as a reporter. I need to just start being about it.”

While ensuring Snoop Dogg that Alaska “still got that fire” marijuana, Green also spoke about the issues she takes with the state’s crackdowns on weed users, stating that people could face charges just for police suspicion.

“And the police can just come up in your house if they just think they smell weed? How is that okay,” she said. “We need to legalize it. I don’t want them running up in my house, because it always smells like weed.”

Showing his solidarity for the cause, Snoop announced during his interview that he would host a concert in Alaska if voters could get the Proposition 2 legalization to pass. He also commended Greene for being a fresh face and perspective for his long-fought cause.

“Now, we got people like yourself standing up. You show that it’s multicultural. It’s not just a bunch of thug dudes that’s trying to push weed, but it’s women, and they speak with intelligence and they speak from a right frame of mind. So we support you, we back you and we with you 100 percent.”

Watch Snoop Dogg and Charlo “Sticky Icky” Greene bond in the video above.




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