Robert De Niro Chews Out Jay-Z


Whoa, trouble in TriBeCa! It seems that the tony downtown Manhattan neighborhood’s two most famous residents, The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle actor Robert De Niro and Beyoncé’s husband Jay-Z, recently had something of a public spat. Well, it was actually more one-sided than a spat, as De Niro did most of the talking, scolding Jay for not returning his calls. The two were at Leonardo DiCaprio’s recent birthday party, and Jay went up to pay his respects to the don, but when he got there De Niro lit into him, saying that Jay was rude and disrespectful for failing to return six of his calls and dropping the ball on recording a song for theTriBeCa Film Festival that he had agreed to do. Jay-Z tried to ease the tension with a joke, saying he’s terrible with the phone, but Bob wasn’t having any of it. He didn’t even calm down when Beyoncé came over and tried to break the tension. (One hopes she walked over and started singing that “Make love to me” song or began furiously doing the “Single Ladies” dance to no avail.) De Niro had an angry point to make and he was going to make it. All the other guests at the party were talking about it, apparently, causing DiCaprio to sit sullenly at a table by himself, pointy party hat drooping down, frowning and muttering about “that stupid old man ruining my party.” A Page Six source says that De Niro “thinks [Jay-Z is] the man, but that he was disrespectful.” Which, ugh, “the man”? Really, source? It is not 2002. No one says “the man” anymore, and I doubt Robert De Niro ever said it. That’s really the most shocking thing about this story. “The man.” Ridiculous. Anyway, some person close to De Niro told Page Six that it was just a “low-key private conversation between two people” and was not “a heated discussion.” So maybe everything was fine. Though, after De Niro was done, Jay-Z was seen leaving in tears, with Beyoncé apologizing to all the guests and saying her husband was just a little tired. DiCaprio then asked that his piñata be brought out in the hopes that all that precious candy would help everyone forget about the big fight. Sadly, it did not, and his party was, in fact, ruined.




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