Miami Gardens Police Stop Black Man, Earl Sampson, 258 Times, Arrest Him On 56 Occasions For Trespassing At His Own Job


Like the movie Groundhog Day, 28-year old Earl Sampson wakes up and relives the same day over and over except this isn’t a film and certainly not funny. Miami Gardenspolice have stopped Sampson 258 times, search him 100 times and taken him to jail on 56 occasions for trespassing at the Quik Stop store where he works.

“They’re always stopping me, going in my pockets, asking me for my ID, running my name,” Sampson told’s  Regis J. “The same ones stop me two or three times a day. I feel like I can’t even be in my own neighborhood no more. They’re supposed to protect and serve, but really it’s just harassing.”

In one instance Sampson is seen restocking a cooler inside the store when a police accuses him of trespassing. The store owner claims the officer was told that Sampson works there but didn’t care.

Saleh, Sampson and their attorney Steve Lopez are going to file a federal civil rights lawsuit soon against the police department. They allege that police have been instructed to illegally stop and search citizens through racial profiling.

When contacted about this story by, Mayor Oliver Gilbert would not comment on the Sampson case, but he did speak about the city’s crime-reduction policy two weeks ago after a string of shootings.

 “The line is zero tolerance,” Gilbert explained at the time. “So if you break a law, you’re going to jail.”