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Freighter capsizes in Bahamas killing 10 Haitian, leaving 100 more clinging to hull


At least 10 Haitian migrants are reported dead and about 100 are sitting on the hull of a capsized freighter awaiting rescue by the U.S. Coast Guard in the Bahamas after the boat grounded Monday night. Thirteen people have been pulled from the water.

The U.S. Coast Guard reports the freighter grounded and then capsized 15 miles southwest of Staniel Cay Monday night, sending more than 100 Haitians into the water. By the time rescue crews arrived they were clinging to the hull of the grounded 40-foot sail freighter.

A Coast Guard helicopter crew out of Clearwater and air crews from there and Miami responded and pulled 13 people from the water after a mass rescue raft, authorities said. The crews also dropped eight additional life rafts, food and supplies.

The Royal Bahamian Defense Force is also assisting in the rescue.