Four arrested in West Palm Beach, accused of performing cosmetic surgery without a license


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Four people have been arrested in West Palm Beach and accused of running an unlicensed medical practice resulting in serious bodily injury, according to Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

The Department of Health received a complaint in January from a former patient of the Health and Beauty Cosmetic Surgery at 307 Evernia Street stating that two employees of the practice had performed cosmetic surgery even though neither person was licensed to practice medicine in Florida.

The unidentified complainant named Juan Carlos Pinzon and Jorge Nayid Alarcon as the employees who performed the surgeries. According to the HBCS website, Pinzon and Alarcon are employed by HBCS as surgical assistants, a position that has no licensing, recognition or regulation in the state of Florida.

The only licensed physician employed by the facility is William Marrocco. Dr. Marrocco, who was also arrested, is the physician of record according to Department of Health records.

The fourth person arrested is Monica Diaz.

According to a sheriff’s spokeswoman Teri Barbera, the investigation revealed that the complaintant is permanently disfigured. At least one other victim has been identified.

The Palm Beach County Multi-Agency Diversion Task Force is asking that anyone who believes they are a victim of unlawful activity at Health and Beauty Cosmetic Surgery to call 561-681-4400.