Disturbing footage shows a young mother get sexually assaulted in court, but what happens next is even worse


Monica Contreras was in family court for a routine divorce hearing when a court marshall ordered her into a room alone for an unexplainable drug search. There, she says he touched her butt and breasts before forcing her to lift up her shirt.

Hysterical, Contreras returned to court and told the judge what happened, but that’s when things got messy. The judge didn’t believe her story, and the court marshall was visibly livid that she would dare to tell on him.

The court marshall tried to get Contreras to say she made the whole thing up, but she refused. Eventually, he has the young mother ARRESTED for making false accusations against a police officer.

In the end, the court marshall was fired for his crime, but that doesn’t make this video any less sickening…

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