3 grow-houses, 138 plants, 3 arrests at Lantana mobile home park


PBSO: 3 grow-houses, 138 plants, 3 arrests at Lantana mobile home park photoPBSO: 3 grow-houses, 138 plants, 3 arrests at Lantana mobile home park photo







The Lantana Cascade Mobile Home Park has seen three of the neighborhood’s homes raided this week and three residents arrested when authorities say they discovered the homes had been converted into elaborate marijuana grow-houses.

Separate reports detail the arrests of alleged growers Raul Contreras Gonzalez, 50, Luis Acosta, 46, and Victor Perez Linares, 46.

The reports do not connect the operation they believe Gonzalez ran at his home on East New Providence Road to the alleged activities and arrests of Acosta and Linares at homes just blocks away on Adderly Cay Terrace.

All three remained in the Palm Beach County Jail on Friday night after the sheriff’s office reported confiscating 138 plants weighing nearly 300 pounds. Bail for Gonzalez, Acosta and Linares is set at $58,000, $61,000 and $50,000, respectively.

Sheriff’s investigators began about 9:20 a.m. Thursday on Adderly Cay Terrace. When the SWAT team called out to those inside, Acosta and Linares stepped out, according to their arrest reports.

Inside, they found 74 plants growing in the home that had been remodeled to include irrigation and special lighting and air systems, with handwritten fertilizer instructions on the wall, according to the reports.

They also found a notice from the county Planning and Zoning Department on the kitchen counter addressed to Linares at that address, as well as a letter from Dish Network and another from Florida Power & Light Co. to Acosta to a nearby home on South Adderly Cay Terrace.

Curious, investigators sniffed around the second address and reported a smell of cannabis, blacked out windows and the steady hum often associated with grow houses. They applied for and got a warrant for this second address and found more marijuana plants, the reports said.

Sheriff’s investigators had also suspected a house on New Providence Road was a grow house. Just after 10 a.m. Thursday, the sheriff’s SWAT team arrived to search that place as well.

Gonzalez’ Pontiac was parked out front. At SWAT’s request, Gonzalez exited the house through the front door.

Authorities say they found 45 cannabis plants growing in pots in three bedrooms that had been remodeled with an irrigation system, special lights, reflective lined walls and modified duct work, according to Gonzalez’ arrest report.

He told investigators he bought the home six or seven months ago and grew the plants from seed. “He was experimenting with growing cannabis,” his arrest report said.




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