2 women killed; two others wounded in Miami street shooting


 Two women are dead, and two others were hospitalized after they were shot in Liberty City on Sunday. Meanwhile police are trying to figure out what happened and two families are in mourning.

It all happened in the area of NW 64th Street and 12th Avenue.

Two of the women were found in traumatic arrest, according to Miami Fire Rescue spokesman Lt. Ignatius Carroll who added they had no pulse and were not breathing. Paramedics performed CPR all the way to Trauma Ryder Center but they died from their injuries shortly after arriving.

Police have identified them as Tiarra Ashonda Grant,18, and 23-year old Shalaunda Williams. Grant left behind a 1-month old baby.

“I just think that it’s crazy because it’s women and stuff like it’s crazy the community is crazy they killing women it don’t matter,” said China Black who lives in the community.

A 23-year old with multiple gunshot wounds to the leg was also taken to the Ryder Trauma Center.

The fourth woman, who was shot in the arm, was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Residents in Liberty City described dropping to the floor after a barrage of shots were fired just after midnight.

“Basically I can hear the bullets flying by because you know it was late and that time of night you can hear any damn thing,” said neighbor Alton Jackson.

Another neighbor said, “Man I heard so many shots that it was pathetic . All I did was got on the floor and try to cover myself.”

A total of 4 women shot.  A car that some or all of the women may have been sitting in was blanketed with bullet holes. Evidence markers covered the street early Sunday morning.

“We’re not sure if the women were related but we did find the women in different locations, so the scene was a pretty big scene as far as the area police were investigating,” said Lt. Ignatius Carroll of Miami Fire Rescue.

Residents with kids are on edge about the whole situation.

Al Barley, a resident said, “As a  father this is one reason why I keep my children inside. I don’t allow them to come out and play because a lot of times some of these things just pop off unexpectedly, in broad daylight. There’s no time for violence. When it happens it happens.”

If you have any information call Miami-Dade Crimestopper at 305-471-Tips.