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2 arrested trying to smuggle 25,000 diapers into Eastern Europe


The pair reportedly bought the diapers in Norway, where they retail for about 70 cents each, and planned to take them to Eastern Europe, where they are much more expensive, but got caught when they didn’t declare the items as they crossed country borders.


Sometimes policing can be dirty work.

Officers in Sweden have arrested two people for trying to smuggle 25,000 diapers into Eastern Europe, reports the Expressen newspaper, according to The Local.

The diaper-smuggling pair was stopped in central Sweden traveling in a van.

When the cops checked the van, they found 25, 179 nappies.

It is thought they bought the diapers in Norway.

The smugglers were both from the Baltic country of Lithuania.

“They did not report that they were transporting the goods across the border from Norway to Sweden. You are accountable to report it to customs and pay the duty fee,” Swedish policeman Stefan Fredriksson told the media.

He added that officers had been up all night counting the number of diapers. Each one is worth around 70 cents.

Diaper smuggling into eastern Europe from Norway and Sweden is apparently big business.